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The Company

Azzite specialises in Business support services for Financial and Telecom sectors since 1996 with leading brands in both the Industries as its clients. Azzite currently focuses on Receivables management, Delivery, Verification, Risk management, Fraud control and Document fulfilment.
With operations spread across UAE and India, Azzite is a performance based partner with a proven track record of having delivered results and thereby created a niche in the market.
At Azzite, proactive strategies, automation, quantitative measurement and analysis ensure highly effective process, which is technology driven flexible and auditable.
The experience and quality of our human capital has further contributed to its reputation besides the rigour and ethical fabric in the business processes. Our strength has been our ethical and disciplined practices along with our performance consistency.
Azzite strive to be a leading service provider in the financial and telecom sectors with stringent adherence to information security and confidentiality, continually improving our project management capabilities as scenarios evolve in a dynamic business environment.

Our Vision

• To provide top of the line services leveraging technology.
• Continually develop, sustain and enhance an inspired team of professionals.
• Deliver transparent, ethical and auditable business practices.
• Nurture and sustain a customer centric work culture.

Human Resources

The quality of human resources has undoubtedly been the cornerstone of Azzite’s success. We have consciously worked at creating workspaces that are state of the art in infrastructure. Distinctly mapped career opportunities along with creating an ecosystem that are both, challenging and rewarding which encourages continuous improvement, pursuit of the best work practices and a culture of service without compromise.