Business Support Service

With operations spread across UAE and India, Azzite is a performance based business support company in the Banking & financial services and Telecom domain specialising in Receivables management, Delivery, Verification, Risk management, Fraud control and Document fulfilment

Azzite strive to be a leading service provider in the financial and telecom sectors with stringent adherence to information security, confidentiality and continually hone our excellent project management capabilities as scenarios evolve in a dynamic business environment.

Dynamic Solution Capabilities

Depending on institutions unique requirements, Azzite is able to tailor the process based on the dynamic business environment. Azzite’s technology and processes has the flexibility to give financial Institutions the solutions it need. The processes are highly transparent, auditable, technology driven and customisable with real time access to information and documents seamlessly on the go.

Azzite has a proven track record for providing consistent value with uncompromising service standards

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